Ah, what is polyamory? Well that’d depends on who you ask, and what each person’s loved experiences are like.

Ah, what is polyamory? Well that’d depends on who you ask, and what each person’s loved experiences are like.

Frustrations. Coping with trauma.

What a meh day…went through some struggles at work. Then when trying to explain it and destress after work, I get into an argument that I cannot win. Now I missed my chance to order pizza/comfort food because I was too busy arguing instead of feeding myself.

That’s one way to see things.

What happens when the one you love the most don’t seem to hear you and just want to agitate you? What if they say or do something that triggers traumatizing experiences and makes you feel your most core and fundamental aspects of your identity is challenged? Do you have a right to lash out? Or voice your frustration?

And what if this frustration only leads to more frustrations from the other party? This is when our very own empathy gap comes in. We are all individuals, separate, different, but the same. We all have fears, hopes, dreams. But there’s no guarantees that these hopes, dreams and fears are the same. They are in fact often different, even by just a little bit.

So…maybe it was a Good day!! Better stumble now and stumble hard so that I know how to stand back up. It was a good day bc i had fun connecting with coworkers through talking and hanging out. Even though I had to deal with stress, it is only my own actions and emotions that I must first and foremost attempt to control and put to good use. It is a good thing to have the person i love the most in this whole world to challenge me. Perhaps i was being unreasonable. Perhaps they were. Perhaps we both were. But nothing will change unless I change. Nothing works unless I work.

By taking back control of my emotions, I can acknowledge the hurt that I may feel next time, while also being able to address it in a way that won’t trigger or negatively push others away too.

Like Caesar says in DAWN: “family…home…future”. These are the pertinent themes and focus that we must make as children of trauma if we have hopes to give our children a better life than we did. We must first take steps to overcome our own trauma. And like the film, perhaps this will be all for naught. But we better damn be sure its not because of a lack of trying.@

That and I actually brought instant noodles to fix this 1AM food cravings xD. Always have a #planB and better to have a #planC.

Will polyamorous people marry and have kids?

Answer by Claire J. Vannette:

Most polyamorous people I have met are married or want to marry. The reasons are pretty simple. Marriage has a lot of practical benefits when you want to form a household with someone, and it’s a powerful symbol of love and devotion. Many poly people were married before they started doing polyamory, but some start doing poly when they’re single and still want to marry eventually. I’m in the latter category, I guess. I’m not married, and I’m not sure if I want to get married, but I may decide to do it someday.
I also know a lot of polyamorous people who have kids. Again, they may have had kids before they started having polyamorous relationships, or they might have kids after they’ve decided on polyamory. Some try to keep it secret from their kids; others explain it as the need arises. If you grow up in a household with multiple adults who all love each other, it’s monogamy that needs to be explained to you. Anyway, explaining polyamory isn’t difficult. I explained it to my (significantly) younger sisters by telling them that I have more than one boyfriend, and everybody knows about it, and everybody’s cool with it. They probably think it’s super weird, but that’s fine.
You have a lot of additional questions in your question details. Some brief answers:
"Don’t polyamorous people value a sense of loyalty, belongingness to the other person?"
Of course. I just don’t think loyalty and exclusivity have anything to do with each other. I can be loyal to more than one person. I can also feel a sense of belonging with multiple people. I feel like I belong with my parents and sisters, after all. I just don’t feel like I belong to them. Belonging to people grosses me out.
"Don’t they like the feeling where they can say that the other person in the relationship is ‘theirs’?"
As a turn of phrase? Sure. I’ve been known to wrap my arms tightly around my partners and say, “Mine!” Everyone knows that I don’t literally mean they are my exclusive property. It’s just a cute way of expressing my intense to desire to have them around. Also, someone can be “mine” without being exclusively mine. My mother is my mother. She’s also my sisters’ mother.
"Are people polyamorous because subconsciously they want to escape the pain of relationship breakups, infidelity?"
Oh, I don’t think it’s subconscious. I absolutely wanted to escape the pain of infidelity — my infidelity. I’m crap at monogamy, but I also hate it when I break promises to people and deceive them. I cheated a few times in college. The guilt ate me alive. Part of my solution was to stop making promises I can’t keep. The other part was choosing to date people who aren’t threatened by my desire for others, so that desire doesn’t need to be hidden or cause anyone pain.
Non-monogamy can be a way to avoid breakups in specific circumstances. If my partner decides he no longer wants to have sex ever again, and I can’t accept a life without sex, and I’m not supposed to have sex with anyone else, then my only ethical choice is to break up with him. Agreeing to open the relationship would make a breakup unnecessary. But trust me, poly breakups still happen. We can still hurt each other a great deal, or discover significant incompatibilities, and decide we no longer want to be together.
"Why the heck would someone be okay with his/her partner sleeping around with other people!"
Because it doesn’t harm me in any way. It doesn’t mean my partner doesn’t love me. It doesn’t mean my partner doesn’t desire me. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me. It doesn’t make it more likely that my partner will leave me. It just means that my partner wants me and that person. That might mean I get a bit less time with my partner, but that’s okay.
Now, that’s part of what I believe. My lizard-brain still freaks out sometimes. When that happens, I remind myself that it’s simply repeating tired, old lies that it picked up from romantic comedies and Cosmo advice columns. It’s like being afraid of non-poisonous spiders. I know the fear doesn’t reflect real danger, so I don’t let the fear control my actions.
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I totally got cheated today at the spa, and I still feel bad for the person who lied to me.

My sister and I went to get 60 minute massages at a mediocre spot for 320,000 VND each (1 USD = 20,000 VND). The massage was horrible. My masseuse was sitting on my butt cheeks half the time, talking…

So, What IS Feminist Porn? Find Out From a Woman Who Makes It.


"Images of dominance and submission are not anti-feminist in and of themselves, but one of the reasons feminists critique them is because consent is not always explicit and because of the repetition of men dominating women, making it the main type of power exchange we see in a lot of mainstream pornography. I think there is a stereotype that women want kinder, gentler, more romantic porn; some women do, but not all women. Feminist pornographers don’t want to do away with sexual power dynamics; many of us want to explore them in an explicitly consensual and more diverse, nuanced, non-stereotypical way."




The Sexy Lie, Caroline Heldman at TEDxYouth@SanDiego

Every single word of this.


And no, muscled guys in superhero movies and fitness magazines is NOT THE SAME THING.

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Joie Lee in Coffee and Cigarettes (dir. Jim Jarmusch)

Truth to power

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interesting times.: burning down bart strike strawmen

Some of this anti-worker media is bullshit. As of today, the unfair labor practice strike is finally over, and workers safety and riders safety are upheld. SEIU 1021 has gotten a new fan out of me!! 


Some particularly shameless San Francisco media outlets have been promoting this petition from Orinda city councilman Steve Glazer to prevent future Bay Area Rapid Transit strikes. It’s too bad they didn’t do some reporting about it first.

The petition claims that 375,000 commuters use BART…